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From MADTech we have launched PIYF 2.0 version software to the market.


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Presenting world's most ground breaking technology on new generation mobile applications.

PIYF - 2.0

About MadTech Solutions

Power Information on your finger –PIYF 2.0


PIYF is the world’s first and finest product that engineers ever had of such kind which gives ready-made fastest information of its kind.

It is the most innovative mobile application product developed for the benefit of all electrical domain engineers.

This can perform Basic calculations of electrical engineering to the most complex and advanced calculations pertaining to Transmission and Distribution in JUST 3 CLICKS.

  • Can carry out POWER LINE SIMULATION of various overhear lines of all voltages.
  • PIYF 2.0 gives you insight into Indian Electricity Rule ( I.E Rule 2005) in Just 3 clicks
  • PIYF 2.0 gives you understanding of the Sub-Station Design Electrical parameters.
  • PIYF 2.0 Gives you IS (Indian Standard) and IEC references for Electrical Infrastructure.
  • PIYF 2.0 allows you to add IS and IEC references.
  • PIYF 2.0 can give you transmission line parameters.
  • PIYF 2.0 can perform power caluculator



PIYF 2.0 help you to guide and decide at various stages ie

  • Planning,
  • Estimation,
  • Development,
  • Implementation,
  • Quality Audit
    of various electrical infrastructure.



Works in Java, android, Blackberry.

Memory size requirement less than 1.0mb (Mobile application)

Java version with cldc version 1.2

Pl. Allow application to send SMS and ensure balance is available.